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  3. Life lately. It’s been pretty spectacular. 

  4. Another thing I like is stations on the U7 (and the U3, I guess)

  5. I take a lot of pictures of the sky. There is something truly wonderful to be found while gawking at the sky, particularly at sunset.

    These are from; a weekend jaunt to Wicklow in December, the last sunset of 2013 at Tempelhof on New Year’s Eve and two additions from today in Berlin. The first; the view from seams new studio in Kreuzberg, the second from the stroll home with dearest ejcoombe

  6. Another year over and what a year it has been. A lot changed for me this year; professionally, personally, all of it. I’ve learned greater acceptance, a little more patience, how to fake grace under pressure and a whole lot about humility. 

    Today I spent some time thinking about the coming year and the things I want more (and less) of in my life. Here is my list and here’s to 2014. 


  7. & November in quick succession. 


  8. Followed by October 


  9. This was September. 

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