1. Another thing I like is stations on the U7 (and the U3, I guess)

  2. I take a lot of pictures of the sky. There is something truly wonderful to be found while gawking at the sky, particularly at sunset.

    These are from; a weekend jaunt to Wicklow in December, the last sunset of 2013 at Tempelhof on New Year’s Eve and two additions from today in Berlin. The first; the view from seams new studio in Kreuzberg, the second from the stroll home with dearest ejcoombe

  3. Another year over and what a year it has been. A lot changed for me this year; professionally, personally, all of it. I’ve learned greater acceptance, a little more patience, how to fake grace under pressure and a whole lot about humility. 

    Today I spent some time thinking about the coming year and the things I want more (and less) of in my life. Here is my list and here’s to 2014. 


  4. & November in quick succession. 


  5. Followed by October 


  6. This was September. 

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    I moved to Berlin about 2 years ago - in early September 2011 - for a few reasons. Part love, part career aspirations, part adventure, part curiosity. I’m leaving around the same time, two years later, having had one of the most positive experiences of my life. The people I have met, the…

    My friend Katie is leaving and it breaks my tiny little heart. See above to understand why she is the best. 

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  10. Beyoncé update: now includes feelings.